Posted on March 7, 2024

There’s no shortage of celebrities that are fond of this amazing game. While none of the following 10 individuals are best known for their time on the basketball court, each one does in fact have mad ball handling skills.

Here’s a list of A-listers who you may or may not know play basketball.

1. Chris Brown

Chris Brown - Image credits

Chris Brown has often been spotted playing basketball, be it a friendly match against his bodyguard or working up a sweat in a celebrity basketball game hosted by Ludacris.

2. Justin Bieber

justin bieber - image credits

Justin Bieber is known to be able to shoot hoops. The good-boy-gone-bad-gone-good-boy-again frequently uploads videos of himself hitting hoops, and was also spotted shooting some hoops at Kanye West’s birthday party.

3. Snoop Dog

Apart from being a good student back in college (yes), Snoop Dog was a member of the basketball team at Long Beach Polytechnic High School and was even recruited by several colleges. So it really comes as no surprise that this rapper is good on court, and hosted several basketball games.

4. John Mayer

john mayer - image credits

All about treating his body like a wonderland, it comes as no surprise that John Mayer has taken to basketball as a regular form of staying fit.

5. Kevin Heart

This actor/comedian from Philadelphia might be on the petite side (5’4″), but Kevin Hart has skills on the court. Hart was even appointed to coach this year’s NBA All-Star Celebrity Game.

6. Will Smith

will smith image credits

Will Smith’s time as the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air featured the actor scoring major points on screen. In more recent news, Will Smith is investing in his hometown by purchasing a share of the 76ers NBA team.

7. Justin Timberlake

Justin Timberlake image credits Zimbio

Proof of Justin Timberlake’s love for the game is simple: a boldly-coloured, NBA-sized court built at home, complete with regulation markings. Apart from shooting hoops himself, the former N’Sync star has planned several charity basketball games in the past, and is even a minority owner of his hometown Memphis Grizzlies.

8. Nelly

nelly image credits

Nelly was a gifted athlete in every sport he played, including basketball. As a matter of fact, he was even pursuing a professional baseball career before his music career took off.

9. Prince

Prince image credit

Prince will forever be remembered for his incredible music, dance moves, intensely cool personality – and basketball. Prince played for Bryant Junior High and Central High. In fact, he was a member of one of the school’s best-ever teams.

10. President Obama

The head honcho of the USA played varsity sports, basketball included, when he was a student at Punahou High School in Hawaii. Playing frequently on the FBI’s basketball court or during certain public appearances, President Obama is know to make time for his favorite sport of more than 30 years.